The Postcard Project – day 7

sent from: Newman St, London, UK. destination: St Germain en Laye

This card came from the time in the early 90s when I spent a year of my bachelor’s degree studying in France, at the University of Paris in Orsay. Orsay was little more than a village that had grown larger by its proximity to Paris and the presence of the university and surrounding colleges. It was mostly focused on technical studies, engineering, computer science, physics, biology and the like. As with most people’s years studying abroad I remember little of the studies and more of the abroad.

There’s a number of cards from Orsay, I love all these pictures, they remind me of this time. I have a hard time letting go of them.

The French people I met were unfailingly nice to me and I will never forget the various gestures of kindness they showed me when I fell ill there for an extended period. However, few of them took the time to develop a more profound friendship and I am sending this to the one French person from that time with whom I am still friends to this day. Salut!

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