The Postcard Project #16 – An Odd-Numbered Trek Movie

sent from: Mortimer Street, London, UK. destination: Croissy-sur-Seine, Paris, France

My love of (almost) all things Trek is well known to my friends. I say almost, because Paramount lost me at the end there with ‘Enterprise’; sorry. I stuck with it through all the films (even the crappy ones, which I could still talk your head off about the good bits), all the tv series’ (even the ones real Trek fans aren’t supposed to like [cough] Voyager [cough]).

I wont even try to go into my admiration for William Shatner, as it would probably venture into creepy territory. My first year university room’s walls were dominated by Star Trek pictures, but I don’t know why this one in particular has survived the years.

This card is going to a fellow Trek fan, although she may balk at the description, because she was pretty much just into The Next Generation. I still remember her description of Worf: “All he does is stand around and say ‘but I don’t understand, Captain!'”. Brilliant.

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