The Postcard Project #13 – Good Old Days

sent from: Mortimer Street, London, UK. destination: Mumbai, India

   I was reminiscing with a friend yesterday, both of us marvelling at how it had been twenty years since we had gone to university. That was in Canterbury, at the University of Kent. I bought this card sometime around that time, probably since I lived near Westgate, and have had it ever since. I liked passing through the gate in a double-decker bus, seeing the scrapes along the inside of the ancient stone where other buses had failed to pass unscathed.

3 thoughts on “The Postcard Project #13 – Good Old Days

  1. hi juan ,
    i got ur postcard …thank you very much…we, esp zaahra found indigo s antics very funny.she wants to know if indigo has blue eyes and if that si why u named her indigo!
    see u soon ,love

  2. Hi Insiya,
    So glad you got the card and that all of you enjoyed it.
    Indigo has yellow eyes but his brother had Blue eyes and was called Blue, so he and Indigo made a right pair of troublesome cats! Now Indigo makes all the trouble just on his own.

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