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A year ago, I wrote a postcard, and said I would write and send a postcard a day for a year, at least, or until the supply of collected postcards ran out. That same day I started working on Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity.

The goal was to carve out enough time every day to put pen to paper no matter how much of my life the project would consume, to zealously protect a corner of personal creative time. I may not have time in everyday life to write a novel or paint a painting, but a hundred words a day slowly adds up. It started as The Postcard Project, then it was called Man On A Missive, but I’ve settled on Postcardwala (like chai-wala, dubba-wala) for the project, a name I’ve been given by my Indian family.

Just as Gravity is ongoing, so the Postcardwala continues. I had big ideas for this one year anniversary, but all I could do was hurriedly scribble something on the late night train home, which is fitting if not what I was hoping. Not every day has been a winner, I’ve been frustrated but the first-draftness of many of them, but then there’s a new day, a blank page, and a chance to try something new, and tell stories.

So what can you expect for year two? More stories from the VFX trenches. More thoughts about our over-glamourised, poorly represented, misunderstood industry. More fiction. More six word novels. More sketches. More silliness. More eavesdropped conversation on London trains.

I want to keep expanding my readership, to reach more countries in the world. If you want a card or want me to send one to someone you know, get in touch.

A few minor tweaks – I will send one a day Monday to Friday, leaving the weekends free of postcards. This isn’t to put my feet up but to give some space on the blog for other things; photographs and more. I’m also re-classifying them so year two, postcard one is #2.1, postcard two is #2.2, and so on.

Everyone’s support and enthusiasm for the project is the fuel that’s kept it going. The person who gets the most thanks is Maria – I would have been sick of me and my projects by now. 

Thank you. 

#2.1 - Keep Reading
#2.1 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Long Beach, California, USA

Nothing exemplifies this project better than this card. On a midnight train home from work, spent. I can just about stay awake. My mind’s on something I’ve been doing at work for a couple of days and I’m thinking I may have done it wrong, I may have to restart it. Am trying to not let it bother me and move on. Now, however, this time is mine. I wanted something I could carve out a few minutes every day and do without fail, and not miss a day. Well, here we are. When I wrote the date above I propelled myself far into the future – August 31st 2021 – I would be 48 years old. No one to tell me I need to re-write this, no boss telling me to tweak that first sentence, to re-think the premise. Just my worst enemy – me – to contend with. No one to sell the idea to. Just you, dear reader, and between us, freedom. This may not have made much sense, but for that there’s always tomorrow.

Keep reading.

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