#355 – Gravity, Redacted

This is going to my friends back at work while I came to visit the family in Spain, but as the postcard contains sensitive information about the film we’re working on, I have to redact the bits I can’t reveal. Once the film comes out (sometime next year), I’ll de-classify this explosively sensitive document!

#355 - Gravity, Redacted

#355- back
sent from: El Barco de Avila, Spain. destination: London, UK

In the mountains of Castilla, Spain, the skies stretch out into infinity. The firmament of sparkling stars stares down at you, the long finger smudge of the Milky Way stretching end-to-end. Occasionally one bright fast moving dot catches your eyes; a satellite, perhaps even the ISS. Last night I looked up and saw [redacted].
Looking through the telescope I could make out
George Clooney
home safe.

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