#353 – A Noticeable Uptick In The Number of Wankers On Bicycles This Week

#353 - A Noticeable Uptick In The Number Of Wankers On Bicycles This Week
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sent from: London, UK. destination: Ashford, Kent, UK

I hear getting around London during the Olympics is going to be tough. Let me see if my bike still runs. I took out on the towpath, what, last summer? Blow off the cobwebs, pump up the tyres, there! Good as new. No helmet, huh? Naaah, wont need it, everyone rides helmet-free. I don’t want to sweat. Oh, wow, lots of people out – well, safety in numbers, right? Jesus, those red buses don’t muck around do they? As long as I ride slowly in the middle of the road and WOAH watch out getting a bit wobby there. Lights are red, well that’s not for me that’s for the cars, besides it’s safer if I go through and get out of their way OI PEDESTRIAN what do you think this is? I’ve got right of way – oh yeah I could get used to this cycling it’s a doddle OH HAI WHITE VAN – SCREECH SPLAT.

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