#3.7 – Half Evil Is Still Pretty Evil

#3.7 - Half Evil Is Still Pretty Evil
#3.7 - back
sent from: Canada. destination: Esher, Surrey, UK

Unfortunately, there was no time to look for mountain goats.
Fortunately, on the hill down from the castle, there were plenty of squirrels.
Unfortunately, I’m afraid of squirrels (evil, evil creatures).
Fortunately, these were ground squirrels, which are kind of half groundhog, and therefore only half evil.
Unfortunately, half evil is still pretty evil.
Fortunately, they’re still pretty cute.
Unfortunately, yea, half evil.
But the Rockies are beautiful.
Have a nice day!

A new thing for today – a guest postcard from Jess, one of my readers and now postcard-pal from Canada, ever since we connected over the films of Alfonso Cuarón. Well, Gravity. 

I love getting cards from Jess because they’re fun and I can obsess over the neatness over her script and how perfect her lines are. Plus she hates squirrels.

She has a blog where she writes about her travels – awkwardabroad.wordpress.com

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