#3.53 – The Space Between Artist And Spectator

#3.53 - The Space Between Artist And Viewer
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The Little Angel Theatre in Islington is a Puppet Theatre that has been running for 50 years. They tell a lot of children’s stories and fables as you might expect, but also tread into darker and more adult territory such as the Production of Macbeth that we saw yesterday.
The characters were all depicted as birds and you knew you were in for something marvellous when Macbeth hoisted his rival’s bird skull head onto a pike at the opening, whereupon it was set upon by various carrion that plucked and tore at it. All the characters were animated by a total of 3 puppeteers in various combinations.
The world I live in is one where every visual “i” is dotted and “t” is crossed. Watching puppets and feeling more profoundly for these characters than I’ve ever felt before, I am reminded how much art exists in the space between artist and spectator, the performer inviting the viewer, like Lady Macbeth pleading with outstretched arms, to cross the gap with their own imaginations.
Go if you can, support this wonderful place.
ps. A working knowledge of Macbeth is useful.

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