#3.44.2 – They Came From All Over The World

First published on February 15th, 2012 as #1.199 

By late winter 2012 our Gravity team was pretty much all assembled. This isn’t the whole vfx crew, just one aspect of it that I was involved in. Alas my prediction proved true and we lost most of them once the bulk of the work had concluded, a scant few months later.
I forgot the Bulgarian from Bulgaria and the Australian from New Zealand Australia
#199 - From All Over The World
#199 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Santa Monica, California, USA

My team keeps growing ~ the whole department in fact is a snapshot of today’s global visual effects industry. Here’s a list of everyone, their nationality, and in parentheses the country they came from to work on the film;

French (UK)
Scottish (UK)
Indian (Singapore)
Indian (Australia)
Italian (Italy)
English (UK)
Spanish (USA)
Canadian (Canada)
Italian (UK)
Swedish (Sweden)
American (Singapore)
Italian (Amsterdam, duh, Holland)
American (USA)
American (USA)
Indian (India)
Indian (USA)
plus a few people whose provenance I have yet to ascertain. It’s an incredible mix, and the big difference from 15 years ago when in the USA people moved and planned to stay, we are brought together for this project and will likely disperse to the four winds as soon as it concludes

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