#3.44.1 – Building The Team

First published on December 4th, 2011. #1.129
The winter of 2011/2012 saw us growing the size of our Gravity team tremendously, pulling in people from far and wide. 
It was exciting to meet new people and the vfx world being what it is meant that our friend circles all overlapped. This card explores something many of us in this field share having worked in different cities all over the world. We all know that look.
#126 - We Would Like To Remind You

#126 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Nanuet, New York, USA

A man joined our team this week. He’s worked and lived in many places in the world, including LA, Thailand, India, and most recently Australia on “Happy Feet 2”. I don’t doubt that he would stay put if he could. As the weather has turned wintry in London, so he has arrived, leaving what would be late spring in Australia behind him. He talks of his shock of adjusting to London with wide eyes. I can see inside his head – the part of him that is somewhere warm and sunny and familiar. It is a reflection of a part of me I have safely tucked away. He doesn’t know his way around, and a different me would take him around and show him what I know. This me, however, nods and smiles and tells him he will adjust. Soon, I say, the days can only lengthen, and it will get better.

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