#3.31 – Everything You Need To Know About Service In The UK

#3.31 - Everything You Need To Know About English Service
#3.31 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Tokyo, Japan

It was one of those slightly rainy days that reminds you that summer was so recently here yet now feels so far away. A day to be inside with a good book or, as in our case, a pub on the river ordering tea, hot chocolate and Guiness.
The hot chocolate came with a small plate of Maltesers, which took a flying leap off the server’s tray as she entered the room. The plate shattered loudly on the hardwood floor and the Maltesers rolled around the carpet. She swept up the plate and left the Maltesers on the carpet. She returned with another plate of Maltesers, the plate so distressingly warm from the washer that they melted into a mess where they touched it.
The others remained where they lay on the carpet, begging to be stood on and ground into the fibres.

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