#3.25 – Indigo Didn’t Come Home

This card was first published on August 13th 2012. #2.09 

#2.9 - Indigo Didn't Come Home
#2.9 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Bombay, India

Indigo hasn’t come home yet.
They say text messages don’t convey emotion, but I could feel the anxiety from the person who wrote that.
– I’m sure he’s just out exploring, I replied, not convinced.
I’ve been here before and one day, perhaps this day, I wouldn’t be here again. What could I do, drop work and go home? It wouldn’t do any good. So I got on with it, and waited. He’s not the cat he used to be. He’s not nimble. He’s not used to the traffic here. I tried to be okay with whatever happened, and failed. Hours passed.
– He’s here. Exhale.
– He came home, but he’s not telling me where he was.
In the garden, a young red fox walked away, looking back at the house with every step. I wonder what secrets they shared.

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