#289 – Cave Time

#289 - Cave Time
#289 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Birmingham, UK

I need cave time. You know, time when you want to be alone, in the dark, to block out the world, scratch in the dirt, paint on the walls. Men, and I think it’s mostly men, need this time. Women express this need differently, I think. But I can only speak for myself. Some guys have a shed, or a garage, or a car. My cave is less literal. It might be the cinema, the kitchen, the house, or just the bed. I don’t often realise I need it until it’s there. Maria went traveling this past weekend and there was my cave, beautiful, waiting to be enjoyed. I put on my furs, killed a sabre-toothed tiger, and invented fire. And watched a bunch of DVDs.

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  1. I think veges should be at the bottom of that pyramid so I can eat my way down and stop at Sadness, cause it's infinite and you'd never get done eating it to reach veges. Muhahaha

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