#288 – When A Marathon Is Not Like Production

I wrote this card before this news came out, the push in release date of the film I am working on. I had been predicting this for six months, mostly to the sounds of scoffing. Not because I think the film needs the extra time, but having been through the cycle a few times, it seemed to me the elements were lining up in such a way as to make us susceptible to a studio wanting to move things around. And move they did. It’s unclear how much this will affect us at present. I hope to still get a little glimpse of the summer.

#288 - When Production Is Not A Marathon
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sent from: London, UK. destination: Ashford, Kent, UK

I like to compare production to running a marathon; not a particularly original thought I’ll admit, but it’s helpful to try and stop people (myself) from burning out before the finish line. It popped into my head that the analogy (metaphor? dammit, I should know the difference) only works if a marathon could happen like this:
– You run the first 6 miles in 4 hours and the last 20 miles in 30 minutes
– You re-run miles 10-18 at least four or five times
– In the first ten miles you experiment with the following methods of running: backwards, on stilts, crawling, rolling on your side, pogo stick, before settling on a pair of trainers. Still, you change shoes every 1/3 of a mile for the rest of the race.
– At mile 25 they tell you that the race is in fact 30 miles long, then 40, then 41, but it’s ok because they give you another 30 minutes to finish.
THEN, it’ll be like production.

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