#279 – This Wasn’t What I Meant By A Wake-Up Call

#279 - A Comfy, Well Armed Couch
#279 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Marina del Rey, California, USA

I’ve sometimes felt that modern company operations are ill-suited to the schedule and uncertainty of VFX work. Case in point, I arrived for today (Saturday) to find the door to the floor locked and the alarm going off. Fortunately I coincided with the people who were attending to the alarm so they let me in. Once inside they were trying to figure out what happened.. when a few very tired-looking animators emerged from a dark screening room where, after working into the night the evening before, had gone to crash and catch a few hours’ sleep. The security guard, at the end of his shift, had done a quick sweep but not checked the darkened screening rooms – why would he at 5am or whatever hour it was? So he locked everything up and armed the alarm; when someone stirred they triggered the alarm and there they were, trapped.

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