#258 – Generation Gaps

#258 - Generational Gap
#258 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Weybridge, Surrey, UK

I was a little too young for “Porky’s”, the defining teen sex comedy of the 80’s, but the American Pie films were touchstones of my 20s. Now the latest, “American Reunion”, featur[ing] all of the original cast, is released. I’ve had this card since the first film came out – who knew I’d be sending it 13 years later. Like Titanic 3D, it’s just enough time for the core audience to have transitioned from one key life stage (adolescence) to another (adulthood), and therefore for nostalgia to kick in. It doesn’t feel that long for me, I don’t feel THAT different, but it is about the same as the time between Return of The Jedi and the Star Wars Special Editions coming out – in other words, a lifetime.

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