#245 – I Want To Offer You The Best FREE Service!

I have made an effort not to mine my facebook statii for postcard content, but after posting the update I thought there was more to explore…

#245 - I Want To Offer You The Best Service.. For Free!

#245 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: San Francisco, California, USA

I’m writing to announce an exciting new venture and business model for my work in the VFX industry. Inspired by google and facebook I am dropping the ‘pay for service’ model that has persisted since the industry began. Instead, I will work for free. You will not need to pay me anything for my work as a VFX artist. I know, it sounds too good to be true. Well it’s just what you have to do to keep ahead. I will sell my body as ad-space which will ensure that products are targeted to a very educated, young, tech-savvy audience with disposable income. Before presenting my shots in dailies I will preface them with a 90-second ad, complete with jingles, performed live in front of a captive audience; sometimes even famous movie directors will receive wonderful direct marketing. In exchange for getting all this for FREE, I will mine the data on the office computers and anything I find, whether contact information, software, private information, I will sell back to the ad companies so that they can in turn offer even better product marketing to you. Welcome to the new me.
You’re welcome.

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