#224 – Postcardwala FAQ

#224 - Postcardwala FAQ
#224 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: London, UK

Man On A Missive FAQ

Q: You actually send them?
A: Yes! That’s the whole point, to send people real cards in the mail. Didn’t you see the stamps in the scan?
Q: I thought was was photoshopped in. So, who gets them?
A: Anyone who wants one. Mostly it’s friends and family, but I’d love to send to strangers as well.
Q: Where do the cards come from?
A: It all started because I realised I had a bunch of cards from my travels in Spain, the USA and the UK that I’d never sent and didn’t know when or how I’d ever use them, and I just completed a move to the UK and it was time. After 200 cards they were starting to run thin, but then I got an influx of cards from 2 people; my friend Jude returning cards I had gifted her years ago, and my mother!
Q: You write something new everyday? (this is my father’s question)
A: Yes! It’s a way of challenging myself, to stay fresh and limber, like exercising a muscle.
Q: How long will you keep doing it?
A: As long as I can. Originally I said a year, but I’d love to keep it going for years and years and years.

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