#218 – What If Your Dreams Came True?

#218 - What If Your Dreams Came True?
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I don’t know – I said to someone, years ago – whether to take the job at Industrial Light and Magic, most likely to work on Star Wars Episode II.
I don’t remember what, exactly, this person said to me but the conversation likely went like this
them – Star Wars, like, Luke Skywalker Star Wars?
me – Yes
them – the thing that you obsessed over, had actions figures from, drew pictures of, were a member of the fan club, rewatched the films hundreds of times?
me – yes, but
them – .. to work at ILM, the company that I’d never heard of until you kept going on about it and showed me the book you had since you were 13 with the big paintings in it and all those people that you said you dreamed of meeting sometime?
me – Yeah
them – and so your question is, what?
me – I thought I might be in Europe for a while, I may not even get to work on Star Wars, and, you know, I don’t want to be disappointed, it can’t possibly live up to my expectations.
them – SLAP!
So I took the job.

One year I was there I took the ILM book around and got as many people to sign it as possible – they treated it like it was a high school year book and wrote things like – “dont ever change!”, “keep in touch”, “it was great having you as a lab partner!”

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  1. Love this story…. all the more relevant as I've just come back from hols with friends and their 6 year old who is star wars OBSESSED. I told him I knew Count Dooku – he thinks I rock 😉

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