#215 – Amsterdam is kind to strangers

#215 - Landing in a foreign town at midnight
#215 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Madrid, Spain

Amsterdam is new to me, or I am new to it; either way, we are strangers, and Amsterdam is kind to strangers, the stories say. I know where I am going, although the streets are unfamiliar to me. Canals, so many canals. I’ve seen this before, in other cities. I didn’t know they were here as well. Small stone buildings and large churches with pointed steeples, bridges, cobblestones. It is past midnight, it is quiet save for a few couples and occasional bikes. Oh, the bikes! Bikes parked everywhere – surely there can be not enough people in this small city to ride all these bikes that are parked waiting for their owners. I have a map but you never know if what is on the ground will be representative, distances can grow or shrink. I stride confidently, we are old friends who just met. Pilgrims fled these towns for America, and then longed to return, built replicas of what they left behind. I hear the music, I must be in the right place. I enter the club. It is loud. I am decadent.

2 thoughts on “#215 – Amsterdam is kind to strangers

  1. Decadence freezes for a blurry minute and the connection is confusing .. then click! that unexpected friend is HERE .. and the decadence continues …

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