#2.90 – Visitors 16 and 17 to the Humboldt Redwoods

#2.90 - Visitors 16 and 17 to the Humboldt Redwoods
#2.90 - back
sent from: O’Brien, Oregon, USA. destination: Randwick, Gloucestershire, UK

The Avenue of the Giants, the road built through Humboldt Redwoods State Park, was empty except for us. The road was covered in twigs and small branches, evidence of the storms that had passed through. The last thrashings of the storm’s tail was sending sheets of rain down which the trees would gather into fat drops and shoot down onto our heads. So many were falling it was like a river all around. When we finally made it to the visitor’s center the gathered Park Rangers were sitting around chatting – “we hear it’s gonna rain”, said one man as we walked in. “You’re visitors 26 and 27”, said another. “No, wait, 16 and 17!” They repeated what had become a familiar tale – the storm arrived, washing away road and visitors. The roads had been closed a couple of days and then, as soon as they had opened that’s when we appeared.
I was begining to think the whole west coast was just for us 🙂

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