#2.74 – Star Wars VII Media Blackout

#2.74 - Star Wars VII Media Blackout
#2.74 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Playa del Rey, California, USA

After seeing news about the Star Wars VII screenwriter, I decided to begin a TOTAL MEDIA BLACKOUT of the new film, until I got to see it, whenever that is (they’re still saying 2015, but I reckon 2017 is much more likely). This means not actively watching trailers, clips, photos, reading articles, news pieces, none of that. Because of my use of facebook and twitter it is almost impossible to filter everything out, but let’s see. What do I hope to get out of this? Well, as close to a “pure” experience of the film as possible – not to come pre-loaded with expectations about the characters, the actors playing them, the story, the setting and see what it is like to experience the film ‘fresh’.
I will change this if I end up working on the film (having worked on the prequels, there is at least a non-zero chance of this happening) as I mentioned in a previous card, if you get to pass behind the curtain, I’d be silly to do that with my eyes closed.

2 thoughts on “#2.74 – Star Wars VII Media Blackout

  1. It's a noble cause…. but I give you a 0% chance of succeeding in this plan…. no way you'll be able to stay away…. maybe if you only had to do it for 2 months or something… be we are talking years… you'd have to lock yourself away…

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