#2.71 – The Day After

#2.71 - The Day After
#2.71 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Beijing, China

I was thinking of leaving the postcards election-free, but it seems significant enough that I feel compelled to say something; I voted for “Barry” Obama, twice now. I do think his being President says something about a spirit of acceptance and tolerance that people want to see in America, including acceptance of people on the extremes of society who define themselves by their lack of tolerance for others. I’d like to believe people could move past divisive behaviours and co-operate more, but I think I’m probably naive to expect this. I want to see Barry move to better uphold the principles he says he believes in; the rule of law, freedom of the press. No more drone attacks. Close Guantanamo. More transparency in Government. I think he’s a good man, I expect I’ll be disappointed some of the time, but I hope this will push America properly into the 21st century.

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