#2.51 – The Adult You Wanted To Be

#2.51 - When I Grow Up
#2.51 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Ockham, Surrey, UK

Went to my old high school for a social evening mixing alumni with students graduating next year. They were, to a person, articulate and both frighteningly together and gazing at a big unknown. What could I tell them? That 20 years later I don’t have it figured out either? That I’m looking at the same unknown? That their dreams and passions will change? That the world they’re going into will be vastly different when they are my age and they’ll need to adapt to survive? That they’ll probably fail more than they succeed, and it’ll be fine? I did, however, learn two things. One, where all those marketing managers come from. Second, as I spoke to them about the path I’d followed, that I am the adult the 17-year old me would want me to be.

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