#2.150 – VFX Artists: what’s next?

In my typical first-draft fashion, I wish I could re-write this and clean it up. This time it’s the word ‘now’ that crept in to every sentence. Maybe that’s not so bad. Maybe it’s an important word. 
#2.150 - VFX Artists: what's next?
#2.150 - back
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Impossible not to feel heartened by the massive show of solidarity and support for the plight of VFX artists after the Oscars on Sunday, when the Academy managed to galvanise a typically divided group of people by snubbing them during the tv broadcast.
The question is – now what? It’s tough to sort through the noise:
End subsidies!
Make everything green!

This is the tough thing now.
I am sure everyone – the studies, the facilities, are wondering what the artists will do now.
What is different now vs a few years ago – many people have little left to lose, and at last they understand what is at stake.

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