#2.143 – Anyone got a rich uncle they can lend us?

#2.143 - Vision Board
#2.143 - back
sent from: Esher, Surrey, UK. destination: Hoornaar, The Netherlands
Amidst the confusion of business plans, big ideas, nuggets of advice, Maria and I sat down and each wrote on a set of post-its words, phrases, ideas about the future, what we wanted to do, what we saw in the future.
The good news; it all matches, we agree on what we want (except for the post-it that she mis-read as “live out of a car”, which is not what I wrote).
The bad news; our current set of business ideas don’t really match our vision any more than continuing in vfx – they may all be viable businesses, but if we are in the same spot in 10 years as we are now, then what’s the point.
We’ll get there. I know we can put our skills to good use that fits with our core beliefs and sustains us as well.
Now, where’s that rich uncle everyone is supposed to have?

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