#2.141 – The Difficulties of Starting A Business

#2.141 - The Difficulties of Starting A Business
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I sit in the library, a stack of books on the table, and the monitor glowing with reports about trends and markets and brand engagement. Maria sits at a neighbouring desk, the scene much the same. We have the look of two people with too much information in our heads, too many uncertainties.
We’re trying to do something many people have done before us successfully, and still more have tried and failed. Any original idea we think to have is proven to already be out there – the graphs are all showing a decline, saturation. Too late. Still, we think our idea is sooo good, surely it could find a home. Then we have some ideas that don’t seem to have played out yet. But to prove growth and viability to people, we need charts and facts and proven figures, which if something is new by definition wont exist. And to get money, we need to show cash flow so people know they’ll get their money back, but we need the money to start the process that we need to generate the cash flow…
We take a break, drink coffee and eat home made scones.
Back to the books.

4 thoughts on “#2.141 – The Difficulties of Starting A Business

  1. You are smart enough to do it… you have the skills… be confident… stick it out… and go for it! take your shot! if not now it will never happen.

  2. Someone once told me this about movies, and I'm sure it holds true for any creative idea… and I'm paraphrasing when I say – It's not about the idea, it's about the execution of that idea. So doesn't really matter if it's been done before. Keep at it. And good luck.

  3. Hey Mustan,

    Thanks yeah. That's true, but decent execution of an idea takes resources. Not a lot, but some. You need to convince someone with money that you have the ability/chops to do it better than everyone else. For that you often need to have something to show for it already.. which makes sense. People don't want to throw their money away. And so it goes..


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