#2.139 – Postcrossing

#2.139 - Postcrossing Day One
#2.139 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Schönberg, Germany

This is my first ‘postcrossing’ postcard. While looking around for other people doing similar things to me, I found postcrossing.com – it’s been going 7 years and incorporates a number of ideas I had about how to present my postcards and register them, but never implemented. What’s most exciting is that it opens up a new audience in parts of the world I would not otherwise reach.
You register on the site, and then say you want to send a card, you receive a name + address + code (the ID above). You send a postcard to that address and when they receive it they register it on the website.
This card is going to Katja in Germany – hi Katja!
One of the things that I don’t like is so many cards you pick up at shows etc have text on the back in such a way that you cannot put your own words on it. This card came from Vic Lee’s studio in Clerkenwell – his drawings are astonishingly detailed. I’ve then stuck it to the front of these wonderful Indian Post Office cards so I can babble on about this. This whole week I will be sending a card a day to someone from postcrossing.
I wish I’d had the idea sooner, to be honest, but it’s fun to find you’re not labouring in the desert.

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