#2.136 – The Gap

#2.136 - The Gap
#2.136 - back
sent from: Esher, Surrey, UK. destination: Ithaca, New York, USA

There was a section of the street on which I grew up that was called “The Gap”. You might have thought it was because no houses were built there but in truth it was because, early in the morning, there was a literal gap in the fabric of space. Only those out walking the dog first thing would ever see it – we would sit on the edge and dangle our feet into the abyss and stare at the stars and galaxies and comets and nebulae. I tried taking photos one day but they came out blurry. Some people liked to throw pennies down there and make wishes but I didn’t want them cluttering up some distant galaxy.
We heard later from someone who went down down and came back (don’t ask me how) that the inhabitants of one of the planets found the coins in orbit around them, collected the coins, and worshipped the faces on them.
He did very well there.

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