#2.118 – London Paths

#2.118 - London Paths

#2.118 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: San Francisco, California, USA

I cycled to the photography convention in Paddington. I took the long way, along the river to Key, through Ealing and along the Grand Union Canal straight into Paddington. I saw some strange sights along the way – an odd bench inscription, confusing company names, and many views that one might not associate with being in London; bucolic river scenes with fields and stately homes on hills. The convention? Well, it was ok. The best bit were the photos I gathered along the way.

Here are some of those photos. You can see them all on flickr.

The Thames at Hampton Court Thames at Petersham Stately Homes along The Thames Houses sunk into the Canal The Freeway Sweep over the Canal Sunset from Battersea Bridge

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