#2.115 – Family Gathering

#2.115 - As An Adult In The Family
#2.115 - back
sent from: Esher, Surrey, UK. destination: Sammamish, Washington, USA

We’ve always been a close family. Not, like, creepy, but in a supportive way. And, incredibly, we get on as adults – not just get on, but we’re friends. We like spending time together. Still, when everyone is in the room.. the dynamic can feel like a boat that’s rocking a little too much. I enjoy being with my siblings and my parents (good thing too, as they are living with us), but I was forced to wonder recently if I’ve become too old to tolerate the whole group of us without wanting to retreat to the attic with a book as I used to when I was much smaller. I wanted to be missed and simultaneously left in my cave alone. Instead I would come out – be forced out into the group, where I would find another corner to sit and read some more.

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