#171 – Before And After Marriage

#171 - Before And After Marriage
#171 - back
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Before I was married, when I was single, I would hear of friends breaking up or having difficulties, and although it might be sad or tragic, I would also find some strange comfort in it. Instability, entropy, that was the natural order of things. If other people didn’t stay together, even if they had seemed perfect for each other, then it gave me strange solace if I was experiencing loss. I looked for the things that divided people, that I could imagine widening into rifts.  Now that I’m married, I want everyone to stay together. Screw any differences you have, if you want to be together then for God’s sake make it work and just be happy. I hear of problems and I go – you idiots – (mostly – guys are idiots) and think, you should be together, make the most of your life with your partner. I can’t really explain the shift in attitude. Maybe it’s the same thing that seems to spur new parents to urge their friends to procreate and join them in this new exalted state. Gagh, I hope not. I don’t want kids, weird little animals.

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