#140 – In-flight Movie Reviews

#140 - In-flight movie review
#140 - back
sent from: GPO, Bombay, India. destination: Barnes, London, UK
 12/31 UPDATE: I just realised that I confused Ryan Gosling for Ryan Reynolds, goshdarnit.

LHR – BOM inflight movie reviews.

CRAZY STUPID LOVE – I really liked this film, warts and all. I could imagine that the indie-friendly script got the big-studio, almost big-star treatment, and sufferred from a tug of war over focus and tone in the process. WTF PRODUCT PLACEMENT: An impeccably gorgeous slo-mo Ryan Reyolds – incorrect! should be Gosling – offering Steve Carrell ~ “A slice of Sbarros?” – NO NO NO NO NO NO. Shoe-horning a Brookstone massage chair into the story, no matter how ironically or jokey it’s supposed to be – NO NO NO NO NO. It’s not as though these films are free, we pay good money to see them and these products pay to be in them – STUDIO WIN. Re: Emma Stone ~ Jim Carrey, I feel you, man.

CAPTAIN AMERICA – Decent, forgettable popcorn fun with a killer score from Alan Silvestri.


  • Like the guy you know who is desperate to get your approval by trying to show you how edgy, funny and cool he is, but they are none of these things. Also, like that person, once they stop trying to impress you, you actually enjoy their company. 
  • He’s from LA! She’s from NY! They’re soooooo different. 
  • WTF moment: scene where entire frame has people dancing, and the only person not dancing is JT. TWICE. Which genius had this idea? WTF??? 
  • Hello, 2008: flashmobs, being co-opted by corporate advertising, like they’re an amazing new thing. FAIL
  • However, JT and MK are easy on the eyes. Hmmmm. 

Lastly, to those people making a living editing movies for content, think about why you loved movies, why you wanted to get into this business. Then, stop doing what you’re doing.

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