#138 – His Foot Slipped (Part V of V)

#138 - His Foot Slipped (Part V)
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Recap: his foot slipped, he went to hospital, they removed his spleen, he woke up. He quickly learned what “NIL BY MOUTH” meant. He found out that his Basal Ganglia could be short circuited by anti-nausea medication. He figured out step by step, how walking could seem like something new, a discovery. He stared at the stitches down his stomach like he was a patched up doll. He prodded at the tube going into his stomach, wondering what secrets it was mining inside him. Were the other organs missing their neighbour? Did they move into the space previously occupied by his spleen? As he grew tall the year following, he wondered if his spleen had been a spring, holding him in place, and with it his muscles were released with a surge. He felt special, able to get out of any sport’s activitiy. Eventually he learned to cycle again. He put clips on the pedals and a helmet on his head. He grew up. He eventually realised that if you write a postcard after a bottle of wine, you make a lot of mistakes.

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